A Ten-sentence Summary of Chinese History


1The world’s affairs must be divided and merged alternately, and they must be merged and merged together for a long time.

2. Beauty brings disaster to the country.

3. History has innumerable choices, which are in one’s hands:

4. Internal worries about villains, foreign relatives, eunuchs and imperial palaces; official corruption in central worries will inevitably lead to civil disobedience; external worries about ethnic contradictions, and foreign tigers delay:

5. The history of the winner, the prince and the loser, the thieves, is the false statement that praises the winner and stones the loser.

6. Corrections are always excessive, but in fact they are too much:

7. The more fragmented and confused the politics, the more brilliant the thought is; the greater the unity, the more political stability, the more stagnant the thought is:

8. Regional environment determines destiny:

9. At the beginning of the dynasty, the monarch was strong and the minister was strong; during the dynasty, the monarch was strong and the minister was weak, and at the end of the dynasty, the monarch was weak and the minister was strong.

10. Governing by force alone is rigid and easy to break; governing by literature alone is weak and deceptive; combining civil and military forces with both rigidity and flexibility can ensure long-term stability:



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