What magic is there in Chinese New Year? Let Americans also have a Chinese festival

In recent years, not only do we Chinese have the Spring Festival, even foreigners have also started the Spring Festival, especially in Chinatown in the United States. The Chinese living there will celebrate the coming of the Spring Festival, and the entire street will be very festive. There is a Chinese red everywhere, very festive. It may be due to the influence of the Chinese, more and more Americans have begun to join them. This situation is not only surprising to us, but even some Americans are helpless. They asked: What is the magic of the Chinese New Year? Occupied almost the entire United States.

The Spring Festival is a very important traditional festival for us Chinese. On this day, the family will reunite together, eat, drink and celebrate the festival. Chinese people who live in various countries in the world also attach importance to the Spring Festival. Take Chinatown in the United States as an example. They celebrate the Chinese New Year in a grand way. The whole street is full of colorful lanterns and traditional dances. Really hilarious. It is precisely because of this excitement that many Americans have joined it, so the Spring Festival is gradually popular in the United States, and even the entire United States has felt the charm of the Chinese Spring Festival, more or less infected by the festive atmosphere.

Some Americans may not understand why there are so many Americans who like the Chinese New Year. Perhaps it is the freshness and attractiveness brought about by cultural differences. In fact, the Chinese New Year is like Christmas in Western countries, but I still like our Spring Festival because it is more lively. The impression that the Spring Festival gave me was the red color, the couplets were red, the lanterns were red, the firecrackers were also red, and the eye-catching red was really festive. It may be this festive color that made more Americans fall in love It’s the Spring Festival.

Lively, reunion and celebration, this is the charm of the Chinese New Year. With more and more Chinese living overseas, they have brought the Chinese Spring Festival to all over the world. I believe that more foreigners will fall in love with our Spring Festival in the future. !! Chinese culture will also be carried forward in more countries in the world, exuding the charm and vitality from the Chinese nation!

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