What does the winter solstice mean? What does the meaning of the winter solstice mean?

With the arrival of the winter solstice, the pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. In history, the winter solstice has a very important significance for people. So what are the rich implications of this solar season?

冬至是什么意思 冬至有什么寓意

The winter solstice is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, and it is also a traditional festival. Winter Solstice is commonly known as “Winter Festival”, “Long Solstice Festival”, “sub-year old” and so on. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2500 years ago, the winter solstice has been determined by observing the sun in Tugui, which is the earliest one in the 24 solar terms. The time is between December 22 and 23 of the lunar calendar each year.
The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night in the whole year in the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the days will grow longer day by day. Ancient people said that the winter solstice is: the cathode arrival, the beginning of Yang Qi, the South arrival, the shortest day, the longest shadow, so it is called the “winter solstice”. After the winter solstice, the climate in all parts of the country has entered the coldest stage, which is often called “Jinjiu”. From the day of the winter solstice, nine days are used as a unit, nine days in a row, to ninety-one days altogether. Winter has passed.
The winter solstice has been ranked first in the 24 solar terms. There is a saying that the winter solstice is as big as the year, which is called “sub-year old”. Since the Han Dynasty, celebration ceremonies have been held. During the peak period, the court took three days off and the monarch refused to listen to the government. Folk rest for three days to celebrate the festival. Its liveliness is no less than the Spring Festival.
The ancients believed that the winter solstice was still in the cold season, but spring was not far away. At this time, all the people who go out will go home for the winter festival, indicating that they have a home at the end of the year. People in Fujian and Taiwan believe that the winter solstice is a festival for family reunion, because it is a day to worship ancestors, if you do not go home, it is people who do not recognize ancestors.
The winter solstice is the longest night in a year. Many people use glutinous rice flour to make “winter solstice circle”. In order to distinguish it from the “resignation” on the eve of the Spring Festival, the day before the winter festival is called “adding years” or “sub-years”, which means that the “year” has not yet passed, but everyone has grown one year old.
There is an old saying: “On October 1st, the winter solstice arrives, every household eats dumplings. “It can be seen that eating dumplings in the winter solstice is an indispensable custom. Zhang Zhongjing, a medical sage, was once Taishou in Changsha. When he resigned from office and returned home, he saw his countryman’s face yellow and thin, hungry and cold, and many people’s ears were frozen. So he ordered his disciples to set up a kitchen, boil mutton and cold-repelling herbs in a pot, then fish them out and cut them up, and use bread to make ear-like “delicate ears”, cook them, and distribute them to the people who came for medicine. After eating, people are warm, their ears are hot, and their frostbitten ears are cured. Later generations learn to look like “Jiao Er” and wrap it into food, which is called “dumpling”.

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