What does it mean that we have to spend the winter solstice?

Introduction: There are always several special solar terms in the 24 solar terms, one in the Qingming Dynasty and one in the winter solstice. They all have two identities at the same time, one is the solar term, the other is the festival. In ancient times, people paid more attention to the winter solstice than to the Qingming Dynasty. Folk people have the saying that the winter is as big as the year, and the world is small reunion. So what is the meaning of the winter solstice, let’s take a stab to understand why we have to spend the winter solstice!

冬至大如年是什么意思 我们为什么要过冬至

This year’s winter solstice is on December 22, Saturday, tomorrow.
Why do we say that winter is as big as year?
Although the winter solstice as a festival has slowly withdrawn from our stage of life, only to retain its meaning as a solar term. But in ancient times, this was not the case. It can be said that the winter solstice is the C place, and it has occupied the center of the festival for thousands of years. At one time, the ancients even regarded it as the beginning of a year, equivalent to the Spring Festival now, so the winter solstice still has the glorious title of “sub-age”. The reason for this special position is that the ancients thought that the winter solstice day had the shortest day and the longest night, but also from this day on the day after the day day, the sky is long, there is a saying that the winter solstice is immortal. Therefore, people regard the winter solstice as the cycle of Yang in a year and the beginning of a new year.

冬至大如年是什么意思 我们为什么要过冬至

In ancient times, one of the most important activities during the winter solstice was sacrifice. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the emperor set the winter solstice as the day of year-end sacrifice. On this day, the emperor would go to the suburbs to hold sacrificial ceremonies, while the ordinary people would worship their ancestors on this day, and the travelers who went out would go home to celebrate reunion. In addition to offering sacrifices to ancestors, the folk winter solstice is also a day for people to pay homage to Confucius and worship teachers. This activity is called “worship the Holy birthday” and “worship the winter aftermath”.

Foreigners also spend the winter solstice

冬至大如年是什么意思 我们为什么要过冬至

In ancient times, western countries also attached great importance to the day of the winter solstice. The winter solstice is a short day and a long night for the whole northern hemisphere, which reflects the changing relationship between the rest of the earth of the sun, and is also a kind of worship of the sun by human beings. During the Neolithic Age 3,000 B.C., Ireland built the famous Newbridge Tomb. At sunrise every winter solstice, the sunlight passes through the hole above the wood and stone to illuminate the whole tomb. This phenomenon can only occur for 17 minutes a year. It is no coincidence that Christmas is scheduled for December 25, which is said to be the birthday of the Sun God.

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